NSHG-PM 2019 Satellite Symposium to ESHG Gothenburg



2019 NSHG-PM Symposium

Satellite meeting to the ESHG Annual Conference

Svenska Mässan Conference Center, Gothenburg, Sweden

14 June 2019

The latest discovery genetics data from the Nordic countries were presented by the next wave of researchers at a full-day symposium sponsored by the Nordic Society of Human Genetics and Precision Medicine. Following a stage-setting talk by NSHG-PM President Kári Stefánsson, each of the Nordic countries presented the latest research from their laboratories in a series of short talks. We wrapped up the day with a discussion of NSHG-PM's current effort to unite research efforts across the Nordic region in order to increase the power to detect genetic variation that affects human health. 

Download Program (PDF)


7:00 - 8:00 Coffee/tea

8:00 - 12:15 Sessions 1, 2 (w/ coffee break)

12:15 - 13:15 Lunch (provided)

13:15 - 17:30 Session 3,4 (w/ coffee break)

National Session Leaders

Søren Brunak, University of Copenhagen, Denmark

Lili Milani, University of Tartu, Estonia

Mark Daly, FIMM, Finland

Kári Stefánsson, deCODE Genetics, Iceland

Pål Njølstad, University of Bergen, Norway

Paul Franks, Lund University, Sweden

Confirmed Speakers

Guðný Anna Árnadóttir, deCODE genetics, Iceland. The use of population based genetic resources in the context of rare disease

Karina Banasik, University of Copenhagen, Denmark. The Danish Blood Donor Study

Christian Benner, University of Helsinki, Finland. Fine-mapping techniques and applications

Sarah Bergen, Karolinska Institutet, Leveraging Comorbidities to Define Schizophrenia Subtypes

Øyvind Helgeland, University of Bergen, Norway. Genome-wide association study reveals a highly dynamic role of common genetic variation in infant and early childhood growth

Bo Jacobsson, University of Gothenburg, Sweden. Genetic associations with gestational duration and spontaneous preterm birth

Hákon Jónsson, deCODE genetics, Iceland. Mutations reveal stochastic allocation of cell lineages in early human development

Kristi Krebs, University of Tartu, Estonia. Pharmacogenomic studies using electronic health records

Ragnar Pétur Kristjánsson, deCODE genetics, Iceland. Large scale population data and complex diseases

Reedik Mägi, University of Tartu, Estonia. Population structure of Estonia and its implications to genetic risk scores

Nina Mars, University of Helsinki, Finland. Polygenic risk prediction in longitudinal cohorts

Morten Mattingsdal, University of Agder, Norway. Genetic architecture of the Norwegian population

Mette Nyegaard, Aarhus University, Denmark. Calmodulin: how one rotten apple can spoil the bunch in cardiac arrhythmia

Mattias Rantalainen, Karolinska Instituttet, Sweden. AI-based digital pathology in precision medicine

Ida Sønderby, University of Oslo, Norway. CNV and brain structure – Insight into brain development from large scale brain imaging

Nele Taba, University of Tartu, Estionia - Investigating causal relationships between dietary items and blood metabolites using 2-sample Mendelian randomization