NSHG-PM 2024 Trondheim: Biobanks, Research, Innovation, and Precision Medicine

A Joint Nordic Conference on Future Health - September 10-12, 2024, Trondheim, Norway

Historical harbour, Bryggen, in Trondheim

In 2024, the biobank and research communities will join forces for a special Nordic-wide community gathering to explore the present and future of precision health.

NSHG-PM and Biobank Norway are organizing the conference, which will take place on September 10-12, 2024, in Trondheim, Norway, home of the Norwegian University of Science and Technology. 

With so many new areas of discovery in precision and personalized medicine, the possibilities made available from biobanks, and the challenges that face researchers and health professionals, this conference will be an important arena to learn, discuss and share knowledge, as well as networking with colleagues, experts, and industry.

The conference programme will include:

  • Overviews of precision prevention, diagnosis, and treatment in the Nordics
  • Research symposia covering the breadth of cutting-edge research
  • Critical discussion of the issues important to Nordic biobanks
    • Funding priorities
    • Legal and ethical consideration
    • Citizen involvement
  • Innovation for future precision health
  • Policy discussions about the best way forward

More than 700 participants are anticipated and we invite you to contact us early with ideas. We welcome partners and sponsors from all sectors that have a stake in the successful development of a cooperative Nordic precision health future: policy organizations, health systems, research entities, industry, as well as journals and other media.

Learn more about the conference and stay tuned for news and updates at the official conference site.

Contact Professor Kristian Hveem (kristian.hveem@ntnu.no) if you have questions about the conference or registration, or Jan Kristensen (jnk@cap-partner.eu) for inquiries about sponsorship.


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